Specialized in precision equipment.


SUINSA has always been aware of the work of technology in an ultra-competitive sector: It is what makes the difference between the competition and satisfies the needs of each client. For this reason, the company has state-of-the-art technology in its facilities, equipment and control centres. We have state-of-the-art milling and turning centres, CAD / CAM programming stations and three-dimensional co-ordinate measuring devices, to guarantee the highest quality in each project.

Production Machines

Our R & D resolves any problems and guarantees the best quality-service-price ratio at each step. For this reason, one of the pillars of SUINSA is the innovation and updating of production means and auxiliary processes.

Machining Centres

1 vertical machining centre MAZAK FJV-250
2 horizontal machining centres MAZAK FH 580/40
2 horizontal machining centres MAZAK FH FH 500/40
1 MAZAK FH 4800 horizontal machining centre
1 horizontal machining centre MAZAK PFH-4800
1 MAZAK Variaxis 5-axis machining centre
1 MAKINO a61Nx horizontal machining centre
1 BROTHER vertical machining centre TCC22-BO
1 vertical machining centre BROTHER TC22-BO

Turning Centres

1 MAZAK SQT200MSY turning centre
1 MAZAK SQT150MSY turning centre
1 MAZAK SQT150MS turning centre

Control methods

MMC 3D Mitutoyo C9108, Módulo SCAN SP25M, software MCosmos 3  (3D surfaces module CAT-1000S, Scanpak 3D scanning, CAT-1000P offline programming)

Mitutoyo Rugosimeter
Optical profile projector
Fiber optic endoscope 
Mitutoyo digital measuring column
Digital measuring instruments (micrometers, probes, ...)
Calibres and special go / no go tools
All the measuring instruments necessary to verify the quality of our products.

Machinery for adjusting, controlling and measuring tools

Zoller Smile

In addition to a fast and accurate measurement, direct transmission of the tool data to the mechanization machine is also guaranteed.

Manufacturing management - Industry 4.0

SUINSA emphasizes each of the stages of the production processes. From the planning of the production, the selection of the most efficient productive center, the preparation and manufacture of each component until its control and final verification. In SUINSA we innovate in management processes, for this, we organize the means of production, to get to adapt to the needs of customers in an efficient way. We have tools implanted to our processes for decision making.

We have a MES System (Manufacturing Execution System) through which we plan the production, simulate scenarios, capture the productive data and organize the production in plant, in real time. We also have a system of Tool Management Software for integral management. Thus, we have the stock data and its location, we can monitor each of the tools to control its wear and tear as well as establish criteria for quality control.  

Machining of short, medium and long series of precision components, according to the technical specifications: this is the essence of SUINSA. We have state-of-the-art technology such as milling and turning centres, CAD / CAM programming stations and three-dimensional measuring devices to ensure quality standards at every level.