Mutual trust



The mission of SUINSA is to go beyond the role of supplier, to become a collaborating partner of its customers. This creates lasting relationships of mutual trust and provides sustainable added value to each product.

Business activities

In the beginning, SUINSA specialized in precision machining with high added value. Sectors such as telecommunications and the motor industry enabled our consolidation and initial growth. Currently, the company is present in the medical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical and energy sectors. SUINSA seeks excellence by developing its products, with the aim of improving and expanding the services it offers its clients. Currently, SUINSA has three types of services to provide the necessary assistance for each project.

Product mechanization

Short series for the aeronautical sector (Program A350, A400M, S92).
Medium series for the medical sector.
Long series for automotive sector.


Thanks to the work and trust placed by its clients, SUINSA, today, can be resposible for the manufacturing, management and integral assembly and validation of machinery, based on the customer's specifications.

Technological edition

Comprehensive management of projects, including: from design, development and prototyping; up to manufacturing, assembly in series, with an integral management of the supply chain. Put another way: "turnkey" projects are managed. For example, and one of our most successful cases, the BlisPack by Grifols Engineering.