Quality policy

SUINSA, company dedicated to the machining of precision parts and Assembly of sets, adopts this Quality Policy, Environment and Safety and Health at work

It is a priority in SUINSA, to offer our products and services with quality assurance at a competitive price in the foreseen term, through the development of an approach based on continuous improvement.

The maintenance, renewal of our technology, means and facilities, as well as the human factor and spirit of innovation and continuous improvement, is what allows us to be specialists in the market, providing the best solutions to the needs of our customers.

These activities of continuous improvement include, both the improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System, as well as the improvement of the quality of the product, the service, the technology and the costs, identifying and managing the processes, as well as the improvement of their effectiveness and efficiency.

For this, the SUINSA Management is committed to make all the necessary efforts and to allocate as many resources as possible to obtain the final objective:

"Guarantee a level of Quality in all our products that ensures the satisfaction of the expectations of our Clients, preventing pollution and complying with all the legal and regulatory requirements, both in the area of quality, as in environmental management, guaranteeing Prevention of occupational hazards. "

The Direction of SUINSA acquires the commitment to keep up to date this Quality Policy and to allocate the necessary resources so that it is understood, implanted and taken into account by all the members and all the levels of the organization.


Dir. General
Jesus Visauta